how to measure ring gear backlash. And FWIW, I know Ford gears are probably different, but the Ford spec is. pinion gear assembly (how to shim). Backlash due to tooth thickness changes is typically measured along the pitch circle and is defined by: = where:. If you are unsure just measure your Ring Gear, it will either be 9. It depends on how the gears are cut and lapped. Source | Mike Aguilar Set ring gear backlash with a zeroed dial indicator perpendicular to a ring tooth. A dial gauge is mounted to measure the tangential motion of the ring gear as it is rocked back and forth with the pinon gear stationary. 001 in) Ring Gear Bolt Torque (Foot lbs. Placing carrier and ring gear assembly in left bell, set center sect on on left bell and check for ring gear/pinion backlash. In the cross section perpendicular to the tooth of a straight bevel gear, circular backlash at pitch line j t, normal backlash j n and radial backlash j r' have the following relationships: The radial backlash in the plane of axes can be broken down into the components in the direction of. Figure 1: Span measurement over teeth (spur gear). Make sure adjustable ring gear pad in left bell is backed out far enough so that is does not make contact with the ring gear. what is the recommened gear backlash for the dana 35. Luckily it's easy to measure and fix. How to measure backlash with a dial indicator?. Rock the ring gear back and forth with your hand while monitoring the gauge needle. It's not much, but it's clearly identifiable. Measuring Ring Gear Backlash. Indicator needle movement will equal gear backlash. 045, a 2-millimeter axial adjustment can result in a zero-backlash pair. Check for worn bearings and replace as necessary. This helps to indicate where the pinion gear is riding on the ring gear. Each rear-differential type (as in 12-bolt, 10-bolt Dana 60 etc) has its own specs, these are usually included in the gear-set instructions. January 9, 2013 at 1:01 am #489772. Decreasing backlash moves the ring gear closer to the pinion. Pinion gear depth and ring gear backlash. This compound is used to show what the pattern actually is on the ring gear while adjusting the backlash. Measure the ring gear to pinion backlash and adjust, if necessary . I ended up having to remove my ring gear and replace my carrier bearings. The FRPP ring and pinion gear sets are available in multiple gear ratios for your Ford 8. Differential Side Gear Backlash Measuring. Setting backlash and contact patch on a differential. This establishes the positioning to determine the pinion back lash. Putting dial gauge on ring gear . Distributor Gear Backlash Tool. How to calculate the nominal values of span measurement of teeth various types of gearing. My never-ending 911 gearbox rebuild is evidently drawing to a close. Check that the pattern on the coast side of the ring gear is basically centered on the tooth and that the ring gear backlash is. Describe how to perform a ring gear tooth contact pattern test. where the ring gear rides on the pinion is the gear pattern, which is checked using marking compound and adjusted by moving the pinion in and out. COMPETITION CONTACT Pattern concentrated just up from the toe covering 1/3 to 1/2 of the tooth. The amount the ring gear can move (the amount of play) determines the amount of backlash. The Official GMFS Front IFS Gear Install How. Want to revamp your countertop? Check out these smart new appliances, all tested by the GH Research Institute. Basically, $300 bucks for a gear install is money well spent. Attach a dial indicator gauge to the outer edge of the differential. RESULTS · Clockwise Tools DIMR-0105 Dial Indicator Gage Gauge and Magnetic Base 0-1 inch Measuring Tool. 4 - Device for measuring a backlash for an automobile transmission, comprising a secondary shaft (2) comprising an output gear (8) which is engaged with a differential ring (10), characterized in that it comprises a control gauge (20) fixed on one end of the secondary shaft (2), a locking means (56) for the differential ring gear (10), and a. Once the bearing preload and drive pinion to ring gear backlash is within specifications, perform a gear tooth contact pattern check to ensure proper contact between the pinion and the ring gear. " Actually the "halo" on the inner diameter of the ring gear is there solely to add strength to each and every tooth of the ring gear. 010" backlash measuring it at 3 different places on ring gear. INSTALLATION KIT INSTRUCTIONS. Ring Gear Contact Pattern Interpretation of Face Hobbed (uniform. While hold-ing the pinion yoke steady, rotate the ring gear back and forth. I measured backlash today, it was. Definition: Position of pinion-gear relative to the ring-gear center-line, expressed as either a mounting distance (measured from behind the . 035" thick shim under the pinion bearing. How do I set Backlash in Dana 44 ???. The backlash/gear pattern shouldn’t change if assembled back correctly. Moves ring gear away from pinion gear. However, if a person really insists on trying it (and that is really the only way to learn), here is some information that should be helpful. I am trying to figure out how to check the ring and pinion backlash. Figure 1 displays the setup and indicator posi-tion in a 90° roll testing machine. However, a case spreader is not critical. Backlash is the amount of space between the teeth of the pinion gear and the ring gear. The KHK duplex worm is designed so that, for all modules, the backlash reduces by 0. Set up a 1" travel indicator bearing against the axis. It is best to measure with indicator . Then when reinstalling youll need a way to measure backlash after and during setting pinion depth. The backlash can be measured with dial gauge, feeler gauge or lead wire. Remove the QC case and carrier from the left tube and reinstall the ring gear on the carrier remembering to torque the bolts correctly. What Is The Coast Side Of A Ring Gear?. Yes, I measured it in 4 places around the ring gear: 0. 009" backlash for street gear sets. Backlash between the ring and pinion gear is set after the pinion gear is installed and adjusted. (37) Verify differential case and ring gear runout by measuring ring to pinion gear backlash at several locations around the ring gear. docx from AA 1Axle Service 1)The backlash variance measured at 8 equally spaced locations on the ring gear is beyond specification. Hold the pinion so it doesn't move and gently move the . When i opened the L/U it had no shims except one on the drive shaft just below the water pump base. So as long as I am on the ring gear I'm pretty much good. Ring gear runout must not be beyond the manufacturer's specifications. how to adjust backlash on pion/forward gear. Pin-ion depth is adjusted by adding or subtracting shim gear and carrier into housing to check backlash. I pulled the old oil seal out of my diff, inspected the shims and pinion bearings, then torqued everything down to ~165ft. 14bolt gear setup questions. I am having a tough time determining backlash through a multiple stage planetary gearbox. Setting up a differential ring and pinion. A typical set of gears comes with a marking compound. 005", but neither the I&T manual or the IH service manual tell how to measure the backlash. From these values and the measured values, you can determine the tooth thinning or backlash allowance cut into the gear. 5" Ring Gear) Can you clarify this. 8 rear end, and the last time I did a ring & pinion, I set the Ford gears to. You must first determine the type of gear that you have in order to know which gear pattern chart to use as described in this bulletin. 012 then that is what you should do. They're also used to measure distances and to check flat surfaces like the engine's flywheel for runout. Backlash is the play or space between the ring gear and the pinon gear. This is what the Dana 60 does by using a massive 9. If the gear was manufactured using the FACE HOBBING method, both "A" and "B" will be of equal depth. How Measured : The final determination of correct pinion depth can only be obtained by reading and interpreting the gear tooth contact pattern using gear-marking compound. Proper ring gear to pinion gear contact pattern is critical for quiet and trouble free gear set operation. 5" 10-bolt should have between. Gallery How-To Mike Aguilar News pinions. and all seals in the lower unit. I have a model 42 backhoe and loader that go on tractor and we use it on our hilly 10 acres. I understand the next step, which is using the prussian blue to adjust the tooth contact, but first the backlash needs. step 2 :Checking the Pattern on the Rear Differential. PDF Ring & Pinion Setup Basics. Setting backlash is done using a dial indicator to measure the free movement of the ring gear. 130 Drive axles and Differentials Flashcards. I looked at the overlap pattern on the pinion gear and ring gear and everything looks spot on. Our problem with this in ACVW's is getting to the ring gear. Not enough backlash, adjust shims to move ring gear away from pinion. 933 x Change in Backlash For 20° C -Change in Center Distance = 1. Internal Ring Gears provide a compact parallel shaft transmission drive with a large speed reduction. Begin by setting proper pinion bearing preload, total turning preload, and ring gear backlash. Backlash analysis of spur gear slew drive. measure by putting a dial indicator on the edge of a ring tooth, secure pinion so it won't move, wiggle ring back and forth. Gently rock the carrier back and forth to measure your backlash. This measurement was performed with the pinion tooth with the single mark positioned between the two teeth on the ring gear also etch marked. This decrease must almost always be greater than the desired backlash because of the errors in manufacturing and assembling. The backlash/gear pattern shouldn't change if assembled back correctly. meet the ring gear teeth smoothly and eliminate the backlash, low precision, tooth slap, . 015" larger than the available space, and a case spreader should be used. The Gear box backlash is the clearance or gap between the two mating gear tooth. The measurement is made on the face of the one of the ring gear teeth, perpendicular to its meshing . Another way to improve gear engagement is to increase the ring gear diameter. How to Install a Chevy and GM Axle Assembly and. Tighten the differential bearing adjuster nut lock bolts to 27 N·m (20 lb ft). Since the amount of the decrease in. Yukon Gear & Axle at CARiD:http://www. Nitro Gear Installation guide. Differential Side Gear Backlash Measuring mp3 download (3. Any gear movement can cause the gear backlash to become too small and Ring gear type – Look at the ring gear to determine if it is a . I purchased a cheap dial gauge and set it up as shown in the picture. Use the appropriate dye or marking compound to complete this task. Measured as the amount of rotation of the . RING GEAR TOOTH PROFILE There are two types of gears which. Four Critical Ring & Pinion Settings. Load the ring gear and run a full contact pattern check. Measuring Your Ring Size: How To. There are as many ways of measuring backlash as there are CNC technicians. Even though we do not actually measure the ring gear mounting distance, . Step:18 Measure Backlash (Precision Measurement). Step 3 Position the contact point of the dial indicator gauge square against any one tooth of the ring gear. To measure ring gear runout, mount a dial indicator against the back of the ring gear (fig. The ring gear shim is used to establish the correct backlash. To install your ring and pinion gears and/or differential correctly, it is critical to torque your bolts and set your preload and backlash correctly. 014" to my initial shim thickness of. BL determines how close the ring gear sits to the pinion gear, or how deep the pinion teeth fit into the tooth depth of the ring gear. These worm-gear pairs are excellent choices for rotary. Tighten the bolt through the edge of the differential and into the base of the gauge. 374 x Change in Backlash From this, it is apparent that a given change in cen-ter distance, 14-1/2° gears will have a smaller change in backlash than 20° gears. Apply pressure to the top of the ring gear with a pry bar. Use that point to measure backlash from then on (Mark both the gears so the same teeth are in engagement while you check the backlash in the following steps). To measure backlash, prevent the pinion gear from rotating and . Nicks or burrs can be removed by using block-backed grit paper or a small file. Then read this movement on the dial indicator.