whump prompt list. Curio Cabinet Curiosities. Whumpish prompts — Injury prompts. I knew that I loved all sorts of break-your-heart stuff and all-the-characters-die-in-the-end stuff, but it wasn't until I found a whump dialogue prompt list screenshotted from Tumblr to Pinterest. “Morning, Danny, this is a surprise,” Cath said brightly, trying to dissolve whatever trouble was going on between these two. " Allied 3 Puffcap Peddler Puffcap Peddler: "Ohhh, if mushrooms …. A rocket exploded on the runway about 100 yards away. While there will never be anything outright explicit, a lot of heavy subject matter is handled including sexual content implied. It was a dangerous situation, Alex is a dangerous person after all, he could've hit the girl back without even thinking about it. @whumposaurus @pumpkin-spice-whump-latte @winedark-whump @fallingstormphoenix @scath001 @whumping-newbie @our-miss-cat @stoic-whumpee @prompt-tea @tearful-sunrise @whumpity–whump–whump @yrenewestfall-official (Please excuse me for tagging you in this …. I don’t draw, but I’ve been thinking of doing some kind of drabble writing for Inktober instead, and since I couldn’t find any whump prompt lists, I made one! If anybody wants to use it please tag me in what you make, I’d love to see! whump whumpers inktober whump prompts inktober prompts. Voltage Masterlist Hey guess what, thats right! Betrayal Hero/Sidekick/Villain prompt is getting turned into their own characters and story arc!!! I am super excited for this one because I have so. maybe they find out later and try to break them out maybe they're a nurse and end up taking care of them forced to sign an nda and given a job at hero hq to keep things quiet whump whump prompt villain whump villain whumpee hero whumper civilian caretaker. Whump GIFs — I saw a prompt "picture your whumpee crying. CW: pet whump, fear of punishment. Villain stared in shock as they met before a very familiar figure that just stood there by the cells - covered in bruises and chained by the walls- Without a word ever spoken. Whumpers in their natural state of love and camaraderie: Whumpers, in their natural habita- Oh, someone spotted whump: Some of us need a little help finding the whump: But we all eventually get to. Staples and Paperclips — Master List. fandom + pairing + prompt anyone? randomly-generated-name said: @jamcake-muses Gwindor/Finduilas and 31. Under the cut, tw for non-con & violence. The main protag is a questionable character, but I still enjoy all the whump that comes his way. ” Full pantries, stocking up on basics, the kind of people who always have extra oatmeal, or batteries, or a jump cable; Can hold conversations using body language and eye contact without saying a word. ” Caretaker witheld a flinch as the vampire had crossed the room in the blink of an eye; staring face to. Nice to meet you! I like scenarios involving siblings and other strong, non-romantic relationships. Read Whump prompt #12 from the story Irondad Oneshots by stardancer5 with 7,603 reads. s no better feeling than getting fucked up by an author over and. Arthur rolled his neck, pushing sweat-soaked hair up his forehead and out of his eyes. Whump Empire — New icon! I thought I’d make my whump blog. Medical Show Whump Catalogue (WIP) Doctors and nurses (and paramedics -turned-investigators, and rescue specialists) sometimes get hurt too. Dean Winchester Whump Prompt. ” // submitted by @alipeeps Doctor Who Tie-In Novels : “Some of the Doctor Who tie-in novels have some very nice whump (I’ve mostly only read the 10th Doctor ones personally). Whump Blog — It’s Okay, That’s Love Jang Jae Yeol 01:. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; whumpygifs. A little later, the whumpee wakes up, but the …. Whump List: Thomas Magnum (Magnum PI - 1980) Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii (Part 2) - Season 1, Episode 2 : Shot in the left shoulder/upper chest (very bloody/in pain) Skin Deep - Season 1, Episode 6 : Shot in the leg, bleeding heavily, self applies tourniquet. He pushes you against the stone wall, and it makes you shiver. Synonyms for whump in Free Thesaurus. cw: mouth stitched shut (fairly graphic), slavery whump, forced relationship, defiant whumpee, creepy/intimate and …. Of course you can also submitt writing. Whether they did to alienate Whumpee from their previous life, to ensure that Whumpee won't ever be truly free of them, or just to hurt Whumpee- it doesn't matter. The whump community is a multimedia community and sometimes I wish that wasn’t forgotten. ) This list focuses on whump delivered through the Once Upon a Time series. I will mostly be using drabbles/writing as an example, but the same concept applies whether it's prompts, art, gifsets, etc. "I don't know how much longer I can take this…" 5. Added a few more *punks and clarified a few more definitions. The Corners of the Mind - “From an LJ prompt: A villain kidnaps Sherlock and, knowing about his drug past, threathens him with a cocaine injection unless he tells him something he really wants to know. i actually managed to do all 31 prompts for my FIRST whumptober, against all odds *weeps uncontrollably*. I focus on intimidation and anticipation. I’m here for whump and to cause chaos. ” He pulled a key out from a pocket and held it out to me. Hey guys writing in my posts again. #whump #whump community #whump prompts #whump prompt #hurt/comfort #writing #loki #thor #tom hiddleston #chris hemsworth #angst #bucky barnes #tony stark #steve rogers #stony #stucky #thorki #ao3 #captain america #avengers #the. Target Audience 16+ Based on a prompt online-Imagine, if …. Yes those little no's they always get me. ” “ hey there - you gave me quite a scare. I didn't originally plan to write Patty for chapter 4 but I think it might be my favourite so far. “Where exactly do you work?” 2. My posts will be tagged Egg writes whump! He/they, minor. If something is not on the list that does NOT mean it isn't blocked. Additional Tags: Hypothermia, Whump, Keith is not having a good day, Blizzards & Snowstorms Series: Part 7 of December Fic Prompts Summary: Keith is trying to think positively about this whole thing. 🎄Whump Advent Calendar🎄 2020. Usually the prompt’s OP will reblog your drabble. Whumptober - A 31 day prompt …. wish there was a non rude way to be like “I understand your criticism, I don’t even necessarily disagree with it, but I am doing these things on purpose, because I like them and I want to, and therefore your opinion has no value, because you might think me painting a room entirely pink is tacky, but I did it on purpose”. "I can't go without you again, i can't. WHUMP LISTS: At Eighteen (2019) Awaken (2020) Awl (2015) Bring It On, Ghost (2016). genuine friendship between a …. Everyday is whump day — Pregnancy Whump (1/4). Posts; Ask me anything; Submit a post. Dee, a young demon who has never been to earth before, possesses a body that was not his to take and is soon captured by a group of sadistic angels. Whumptober 2021 Alternate Prompt 8: Comfort. in response to the anon who asked about a "whump forum", the only one i know of is the Stargate forum, but the particular thread i've browsed consists of any and all whump, from movies and TV shows. The Avengers Whump & Bromance Anthology Chapter 46: The. The whumpee is finally rescued. ” “ this medicine makes me feel so out of it. One we as a community often ask ourselves and we honestly have yet to find a solid answer. “Let grandma take her pick of the turkey first. Whump and Stuff Multifandom (SFW and not spoiler free) space for whump, mostly original gifsets. #coal's dialogue Tumblr posts. I make whump GIFs [#my gifs] + video clips [#my videos] and re-blog whump/other stuff that I’m into. Everyone is free to participate as much or as little as they want-there's no completionist requirement!. Tagging; @octopus-reactivated @writerat @onlybadendings – tw;; pet whump, torture, sensory deprivation, isolation, conditioning, non con drugging, multiple whumpers, stress position, starvation – Melon nervously watched as Master Finley left the building, leaving them alone with the receptionist …. Here, we present the full list of whumpers, along with how and when the whumpage occurred. Newt Scamander was known for getting himself into trouble. prompts whump ideas whump prompt whump prompts fluff prompts angst prompts hurt/comfort prompts marvel cast characters imagines oneshot short fiction fanfaction. I like OCs and prompts and bleeding, crying, fictional boys. Not Johnlock or smut unless otherwise stated. I am now on Insta: darkling_whitecollar_fiction - follow me :). Sherlock Whump We all love to see our favorite detective go through the wringer. 45 Dialogue Angst Prompts List. IMDB Description: Following the crew of the patrol boat HMAS Hammersley, as they patrol the northern sea border of Australia. Now introducing the official prompt list for Whumpmas in July 2021! The prompts are divided into three categories: questions , prompts , and community activities. This means when you see a whump prompt you like, reblog the prompt and write a drabble under it. dragging a fully restrained and gagged prisoner by the hair into a room full of the enemy’s henchmen, dropping them on the floor with a “do. 29 Days of Whump Masterlist A whump writing challenge I did back in Feb, inspired by yuckywhump’s post Trigger/content warnings are tagged on individual posts. Like a character purposely hurting themselves, or psychologically abusing themselves. 泥 - Suggestive - Horror / / / - Seasonal (Prompts under the cut) Poems. Another Whump Sideblog — Whumptober Day 22. Ways to alleviate this include kicking against a surface, to keep blood moving in the torso, or if worse comes to worse pedalling the legs to keep …. 2015 Breaking Creed (PTSD/caught in and explosion) 2015 Silent Creed (caught in mudslide/concussion/thinking of his SAR dogs before himself ) 2016 Reckless Creed. Nothing is more glorious than reading whippings and being able to slow down time and just savor the pain. Prompts on the same trail are never on consecutive days; there is always at least one day in between prompts, often more. For more motivation and creativity I invite you to join the whump community in this challenge. Joel makes his rounds of the facility, not seeing a single soul. But there is a good deal of both emotional and physical whump. The injured party is the hero (who, weakened and injured, can't use his powers to get. Fluffy Prompt List "I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. Basically all you do is leave comments with prompts and whump writers can fill the ones that inspire them. This is a made-for-TV movie from the 80's that realistically portrays the struggles victims of rape go through after the assault's over. [Team Leader] glares back, gritting. Huck and Stephen - Teething Part 1. I wrote this a while ago for a gift exchange on discord for @no-whump-on-main and I got permission to share this on here too, since you lot seem to be into this sorta thing (read: vampires). Whump prompts: fever edition - pale skin with a sheen of sweat, eyes unfocused - flushed cheeks, lips cracked and bleeding - lying very still with his eyes open and unseeing, too out of it to do anything else Welcome to the Sicktember 2021 prompt list! Sicktember is a month-long, multi-fandom prompt event that is taking place in September. 🍓 Join us in our fun summer prompt list! 🍓 Starting July 1st! 🍓 All Artists and Authors no matter what fandom are welcome to join! 🍓 We can't wait for all your fun entries! 🍓 hosts: @arctickid @ayaka-arts @constancezin @historicalley-art @keerthi-draws @kkpwnall @moondraconis @velvetrebellion. The flight line bunker was full of maintenance personnel. Due to the hectic state the world is in and my own schedule there won. Someday I might branch out and start writing, but for now I’ll stay as your friendly neighborhood one-stop. The prompt for this issue of whumpers-monthly is: Whipped. The Whump Stuffs — Books: Whump Edition. @bluebxlle_writer on Instagram. a rejected prompt, febuclown was the forgotten child of the febuwhump event, but my personal favourite part of the month. "All you have to do is bite down on this, I'll take care of the rest. Whump Community Info: Tagging : Tick Tock. A averts their eyes, unable to face B’s anger. (All 31 Themes + Prompts, Event Information, and FAQs are posted below the cut!) Keep reading Source: whumptober2021 whump whumptober2021 whumptober eventinfo2021 promptlist2021 prompt list FAQs event info. It just immediately ruins it all for me because it shows what gender they were imagining the whumpee to be while writing it and now I can’t ignore it. It was years of training, years of attacks ordered by his parents so he could learn to fight back, he still can't sleep unless there is a knife under his pillow and a gun within. A scene with a one-sided telephone conversation. OC Nonhuman Whumpee and OC Owner fic. this was written for aosexchange on tumblr! the prompt simply asked for whump featuring grant ward and i pretty much just ran with that. Sick!fic · Mugging/Beating/Shot · Accidents with cars/planes/… · Accidents without the above (…xD) · Kidnapping/emotional whump for the carer. And that's a very good question. There's usually a plot, but sometimes they're whumped for the sake of whump. I’ll tag the blogs that are able to be tagged. It's far, far more than I expected! It means very much to me, so thank you! Now enjoy part 7!! My fault, my fault, my fault. The Merry Whump of May : Text version. whumper captivity whump whump story lady whump whump fic whump writing whumpblr whump tips whump ideas whump scenario whump prompt whump community whump trope. This idea was brainstormed with @simplysickness and I've finally finished editing it!. We love seeing people's interpretations, additions, and drabbles inspired by the prompt. Maybe kinda niche but I hate whump prompts where theres they/them pronouns used for all the characters but then suddenly the whumpee gets referred to as “she” once. think abt it: especially if they're childhood best friends, they're gonna know everything abt each other, including their triggers and how to calm them down. whump i should probably finish my bingo card. asmr asmr whump whump recommend. Oh plus there’s the The Cape Canaveral Caper which I had to check three times how to spell, and feats John being the …. Now introducing the official prompt list for. After landing a consultant position training the Japanese army as part of the emperor’s push to modernize and Westernize, Algren. They just stand and stare, shaking, until Character B knocks at the door because they’ve been there a long time. I'm very excited to reveal the prompts for 12 Days. Trail 1 is all about that sweet blood and gore!. #whump #whumpee #caretaker #whump prompt #writing prompt #alcohol whump #drunk whump #tw. So instead, I decided to sort it by anime and its individual episodes that contain whump. The pet whump agenda — Masterlist but it's only my main. Trying to cut their collar off with a knife or scissors. Nothing is more glorious than reading whippings and …. Contains: vampires, a woman getting hurt (a promise, not a warning), creepy creepy blood drinking, knives and mild flaying, briefly alluded to eye removal (it doesn’t happen, alas), …. Hump Day Writing Prompt: Make a List. These Whumpmas stories will be connected. Summary: Spicy whump prompts for multiple fandoms. Whump Masterlist Clove (Vampire caretaker, werewolf whumpee, witch caretaker, others will be added as I write. You can even link to fics you’ve posted to other platforms.